Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What We Believe !!

God the All Father – the Grand Designer of heaven and earth
Jesus Christ the Only Begotten One – the Word - and the virgin birth
Holy Spirit of God, the breath of God and essence of all life

the Man of Sorrows (Jesus Christ) was bruised for the iniquities of humankind
the Lamb of God was crucified on Calvary’s Hill
the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty from the Resurrection on the third and glorious day


God sent His Holy Spirit to comfort and to reveal and to lead us into truth and light
that He is the High Judge of all men, small and great
that the resurrected souls of men from Him their fate receive
in the cosmic battle between Light and Dark
in the Return of the King!


That God has prepared a great destiny for each of us and that those plans are for our very best future and the very best version of who we were born to be according to God’s master plan. We believe that the most powerful gift God gave Mankind was the free will to choose. And the greatest gift to the world is Jesus - the one called Christ.

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